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Passionate Mantra:  "Change your mindset so that your thinking is in line with your purpose and then with faith MOVE!" By: Rhonda B. Reece, 2009


​Rhonda B. Reece is a professional woman who has a heart and passion for writing songs that inspire, motivates, and changes people's lives. Since the 6th grade, Rhonda has used the art form of writing to impart power into people's lives. Singing, songwriting, and introduction to music in the Reece family are nothing new to Rhonda because she comes from a long line of musically talented individuals in her family. She has always dared to write outside of the box by writing songs that many of times would not fit her age range, but it is through her passion and her ability to follow her heart that she has been able to write music that will be sustainable.


Other Projects: Rhonda is a published poet and author. Her debut book, DEEP Thoughts Living Life Again! Part 1, is available for purchase at Rhonda's Website. Also, in her spare time, she likes to do artistic inspirations in copper and other metal mediums.  Also, Rhonda contributes to a blog called Triple BAR: Siblings Speak, where she and her siblings.

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